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Amino acids are necessary for the formation of digestive enzymes and neurotransmitters. Deficiencies in amino acids are a large factor in weight gain since amino acids are necessary to maintain a good metabolism, regulate blood suger, and control hunger pains and food cravings.

Leucine is an important amino acid to regulate weight. Research suggests that consuming the right amount of leucine causes changes within cells, triggering a 16 percent reduction in calorie intake, an 81 percent drop in between-meal snacking and a 50 percent increase in energy in just 48 hours. The result? This helps shed fat!

According to research, leucine stimulates the body to burn subcutaneous fat in order to build toned, trim muscle tissue. One pound of muscle burns 25 times more calories than one pound of fat. Thus, keeping muscle while dieting is an important part of weight loss. Leucine shakes burn fat while muscle to burn calories, making weight loss virtually automatic.

Research shows that dieting with leucine products does not require a high-protein/low carb plan. You can enjoy your carbs while adding leucine-rich protein to your diet. Research shows that eating 100 to 150 grams of high-quality lean protein daily will eliminate hunger pains, build muscle tissue, and eliminate tiredness. The results is more weight loss in less time and increased energy levels.

According to research, when you consume at least 3,200 mg of leucine each day (or 100 grams of leucine-rich protein), you can double your weight loss. The best way to get the benefits of leucine is to drink one or two leucine shakes each day. Studies have shown that substituting two leucine shakes for two daily meals is so effective that women lose 92 percent more weight than they would by eating three meals- even if they don't reduce their calorie intake in any other way!

Shaklee 180 Leucine Diet Kit

This leucine diet kit includes a leucine shake mix, a blend of white, red, and green tea extracts, a multivitamin with leucine, and more.

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